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Keep your air pure with air duct cleaning services

When it comes to maintaining the air quality in your home, early action is key. With air duct cleaning services from Pro Vac, LLC, you can prevent contaminants from recirculating through the air and causing potential health problems. We'll thoroughly inspect and sanitize your ducts using the highest-quality cleaning products. We can also replace your ductwork if it's faulty.

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Have you noticed these signs of a clogged dryer vent? We can clean it out today!

When lint and other debris gets trapped in your dryer vent, it can cause your machine to work less efficiently. It can also be a serious fire hazard. Contact a dryer vent cleaning service right away if you notice:

A burning smell coming from your dryer when it's running.
Your dryer or clothes feel unusually hot after a normal cycle.
Your clothes aren't getting dry after 30-40 minutes in the dryer.

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